Travel Tips

What you need to take on a trip to Europe

If you are going to go on a trip to European countries, you should take with you everything you’ll need during the trip.

  1. Travel Water Bottle.

You should take a bottle of water with you. Don’t take a plastic bottle, because plastic pollution is one of the problems in Europe. It is worth noting that you can drink tap water without fear for your health. If you decide to take a bottle, then it must be aluminum because it copes well with the hot sun.

  1. Sunscreen

Going on a trip to Europe, take a sunscreen. Of course you can buy it on the beach, but its cost will be more expensive.

  1. Travel Towel

In hotels you are provided with a towel, but it is forbidden to take it with you to the beach. So, you need to take a towel with you, and it is better if this is a microfiber one. Such towels are light and don’t cling on to sand or dirt.

  1. Hiking Sandals

Most European beaches are hard to get to and require climbing on jagged rocks. Hiking sandals will help you to deal with this problem. They do not collect sand and allow your feet to breathe.

  1. Travel Insurance

Going to travel, don’t forget about your travel insurance. You are going to a foreign country and don’t know what can happen, so you should be prepared.

Travel Tips

Five ways to get from JFK to Manhattan

Imagine: you landed at JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) and want to spend your holidays in New York. Then you’re likely wish to get to your hotel as quick as possible. In this article you will learn about the fastest ways to get from JFK to Manhattan.

  1. One way to get from JFK to Manhattan is a taxi. JFK is located 17 miles from Times Square. The trip by car takes from 45 minutes to an hour. If you are arriving in the morning hours during the week, the trip can take at closer to an hour to an hour and a half. Taxi is one of the easiest ways, especially if you have a travel companion to split the bill with.
  1. It’s hard to believe, but not a single subway line in New York takes you from JFK to Manhattan. However, with the help of AirTrain, you can come to the city. Ticket price is 5 dollars one way. A subway ride costs $ 2.75. One of the advantages of AirTrain is that you can avoid car traffic, thus you can quickly get to the city.
  2. Another way to get to the city is LIRR (Long Island Rail Road), one of the city’s commuter rails. The train costs $10.25 for a ticket from JFK to Penn Station, which will get you closest to Times Square. It takes about 35 minutes  to get into the city with the help of the LIRR.
  3. There is a shuttle bus, which runs from JFK and drops passengers off at either Grand Central Station or Port Authority from 11am until 7pm. It is called NYC Express Bus, and a ticket will cost about $ 19 each way or $ 35 for a round-trip ticket. It will take you about 45 minutes to reach the city depending on traffic.
  4. If you do not care about the cost of your trip, then one of the fastest ways to get to Manhattan for you is BLADE. You will fly from the airport to the city in 5 minutes. The cost is 195 dollars in one direction.
Travel Tips

Seven tips for family travel

Some people like to travel alone, some – with friends or family. We offer you seven tips in case you decide to go on a trip with your family.

  1. Before you go on a trip, you need to seriously think about all the moments of your trip, starting with where you go and who you take with you, and ending with how you will put your luggage. If you follow this rule, you will have the best pick in the airline seats, the best hotel rooms, etc.
  2. You have to decide where you want to go. To do this, you must determine what you want to do on the trip, namely, diving or surfing, or enjoy the sea and white sand. It all depends on the desires of your family.
  3. Once you have decided what your family needs, look for a place for your rest that has a little of something for everyone. There are many resorts that are suitable for both children and adults.
  4. Going on a trip, choose such a destination, which offers a variety of additional options for everyone in the group. As it happens very often, both children and adults get bored with spending time in the same place.
  5. You can spend less money on travel if your child is preschool. You can save upward of 50%. Also, you should remember that trips on holidays such as Christmas, Memorial Day to Labor Day, etc will be very expensive.
  6. You can get into such a situation that you have found several good options, but the cost of one option is more than another. There may be a reason. Talk to those people who have already been in these places. Try to determine exactly what you’re getting, especially with all-inclusive deals. May be, kids’ clubs are different from each other in these places or 1 resort’s food options vastly outweigh the others.
  7. At many resorts, children are only looked after during the day, and you should take care of your child yourself in the evening. But there are also resorts that offer child care and kids camp activities in the evening, giving parents an opportunity to spend more time alone.
Travel Tips

The 5 main ideas how to cut a travel video

If you decide to go on a journey, then you just need to learn about the main types of cuts that are used when creating a travel video. Let’s look at the five most important types of cuts.

Hard Cut

If you went on a journey, and you managed to make a lot of videos, but among them there is information that you would like to remove, then you will need a hard cut. Hard cut is the easiest and most popular way. It is used when you want to change a video without any transition. This means that the second episode begins immediately, as the first one ends, without any effects in the middle. Moreover, viewers will not see any changes that have occurred between the 2 clips.

Jump Cut

Jump Cut is a mounting technique that allows you to make a sharp transition from one action to another. This technique can be used in travel videos with the aim to show the passage of time or distance. With the help of a jump cut, you can propel the video from one location to another.

Cut on Action

The main idea of a cut on action is that you can make the transition from one clip to another, and it will be more seamless. One clip is replaced by another, but the action of the first clip does not stop. Viewers will be focused on the action itself, and are less likely to pay attention to the cut.

L-Cut and J-Cut

The L-Cut and J-Cut are essentially the opposite of one another. If you use the L-Cut, the audio from the first clip will continue to play even after the video has switched to the second clip. If you use the J-Cut, the audio from the second clip starts to play while the first clip’s video is still being played, and then later the video cuts over to the second clip.

In travel videos the L-Cut and J-Cut are often used when conversations are involved. Sometimes it is used to give context to something that is being said.


Montage is one of the main cutting techniques where several clips are cut together in succession. In travel videos people use it when they want to show the passage of time or distance.

In case you decide to use a montage to create your travel video, think about two things:

  • how much of an impact you want each clip to have
  • how quickly you want to move from one to the next.
Travel Tips

The 11 things you need when traveling by plane

A trip to another country requires preparation! If you have not traveled to distant countries before, you can even forget many important items. Examine the list below to avoid inconvenience.

  • Charge Up

Most planes have in-seat outlets nowadays, but if you’re on a short flight, your aircraft probably won’t have a plug.

  • Neck pillow

If you are going on a long journey, then you should bring a neck pillow. The pillow provides neck and body support so you can sleep in a relaxed position even in the cramped, uncomfortable seat of the plane.

  • Headphones

On the road, headphones will always be useful, they will be needed during a long flight. During trips you can immerse yourself in a movie or favorite music. Choose high-quality headphones that block the constant sounds. Even if your seatmate will snore you won’t hear it.

  • Bag with many pockets

You should organize your things that you need first. For this, you can take a bag in which there are many pockets. You can put things like a computer, first-aid kit, passport or something else there. In this case, everything that you want will be nearby.

  • Lip balm

It protects the skin of the lips from dehydration, that is, the loss of moisture. This problem is particularly relevant in places with a cold, dry climate. In addition to protecting, lip balm prevents against the painful cracks and chapping of lip skin.

  • Mask for eyes

Pure-silk mask will help you fall asleep and allow your eyes to rest. The light in the cabin will be dimmed at night, but total darkness will not be superfluous.

  • Earplugs

If you experience discomfort and pain in your ears during takeoff and landing because of air pressure changing, earplugs can be a real salvation for you. And besides, noisy neighbors will not disturb your sleep if you take earplugs with you.

  • Pencil box

If you go on a trip and need to have a pen or other similar tools, you should take a pencil box. In addition, you can put there an extra-long phone cord or a charging cable.

  • Compression socks

During long flights, you are at high risk of deep vein thrombosis due to a fixed position. This is a very dangerous condition in which a blood clot forms in a vein. Compression socks are an excellent means to support blood circulation in the legs.

  • Blanket

Do not be lazy to take a light blanket. It can be useful to you, since the temperature in the cabin can be different and you can be cold.

  • Organizer

You should also divide all things into several organizers. You can put laptop chargers, power cords, and social-media equipment in the largest pouch. A hand sanitizer, lotion can be put in the smaller one. In the smallest pouch put lip balm, sleep mask or something else.