Seven places to eat in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dinner in a restaurant is not just a matter of food and satiety. This can be a real adventure. Some restaurants offer exquisite food, incredible views and amazing atmosphere. Therefore, we suggest you go to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, in order not only to have a beautiful view, but also an excellent cuisine.

Here are seven places with different tasty dishes to try in San Juan:

Jose Enrique

Jose Enrique is one of the best restaurants in San Juan. Here restaurant you can buy dishes at an affordable price. You can try such famous dishes as poppers, fried pieces of fish in a creamy, spicy sauce, crab and much more. Jose Enrique doesn’t take reservations, so you should arrive early and prepare to queue up.

Lote 23

Santurce’s Lote 23 is equal parts food park and community center: its kiosks and Airstream trailers feed locals and tourists alike. Here you can have a snack with pernille or fried chicken, croquettes, cheer up with cold brewed coffee. In addition, you can taste a handmade popsicle with different flavors, from gelato-style varieties like peanut, pistachio, nutella to tropical sorbets like mango, guava, and soursop.


This place in Santurce has the potential to be a real budget-buster. You can come here for lunch, and try market-driven cocina criolla, which costs less than $20, or go to the bar in the evening to try some cocktails.

Verde Mesa

This small restaurant, which is located in the center of Old San Juan, is very comfortable. Verde Mesa features vintage furniture, friendly service, and superb Mediterranean-Caribbean fusion cuisine. If you are a vegetarian, then you should definitely visit this place. You can try a chayote salad spiked with mango, lime, and cilantro; a vegetable-laced mound of rice, and so on. But at the same time, here you can find not only vegetarian dishes. You can try a the Moroccan-spiced lamb stew, or the octopus appetizer.

La Bombonera

This Old San Juan bakery and café offers a lot of various pastries. One of the best dishes is a sandwich: the Mallorca, a sweet roll layered with your choice of fillings, pressed until the edges are warm and crisp, and dusted with a heap of powdered sugar. Try a cortado, a strong little cup of coffee with a touch of milk, too.

Kiosko El Boricua

In order to figure out what real Puerto Rican snacks are, you should go to the Piñones area. Here you can find a variety of roadside kiosks. Everything here is very tasty as everything is made to order. Try the pastelillos with crab, or the piononos with beef.

Chocobar Cortés

You can taste the goods at Chocobar Cortés, a cocoa-focused café in Old San Juan. Try various sweet dishes such as chocolate pancakes and French toast. Besides sweet dishes you can taste roasted pumpkin soup with a white chocolate and wasabi crostini. The café offers a chocolate martini laced with Baileys or, for example, with whipped cream and chocolate nibs.
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Seven reasons why you should visit San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States. There are several historical buildings in San Juan; among the most notable are the city’s former defensive forts, Fort San Felipe del Morro and Fort San Cristóbal, and La Fortaleza, the oldest executive mansion.

Today we present to your attention seven reasons why you should visit San Juan.

  1. On the east side of Old San Juan there is Santurce, a hot spot barrio full of energy and culture. Its main street, Calle Loiza, has a lot of restaurants, bars, bakeries. For example, El Bar Bero is a barber shop by day, and a barber-themed bar by night.
  2. Visiting San Juan, do not forget to taste sweet and spicy food, outdoors and in stationary food truck form. In La Alcapurria Quemá, taste the island’s traditional alcapurrias and pastelitos with a variety of delectable fillings. Pernileria Los Proceres, known for its simple and satisfying pork sandwich, serves its cuisine out of a silver bullet Airstream.
  3. Concalma is a local female-owned business that provides jobs for women. Each handbag, and fanny pack is created ethically, for both locals and tourists.
  4. Old San Juan has a lot of various landmarks. You can see the magnificent facade of La Perla, Santa Maria Cemetery, and famous forts like San Cristobal and El Morro.
  5. You should also visit The Mezzanine. Try the Boricua Breeze, a rum-based ever-refreshing cocktail, and accompany your drink with savory appetizers such as pineapple shrimp skewers or black bean hummus and pita.
  6. You can visit Old San Juan and walk along Plaza de Armas with a cafe con leche, and cathedrals, parks, museums, and ports. Dip into any restaurant along Calle San Francisco for a traditional lunch of rice, beans, plantains, and meat.
  7. In San Juan, La Placita is the center of nightlife. Taberna La Vazquez has live salsa music more nights of the week. If you don’t like Latin music, go to La Factoria in Old San Juan with different music styles.
Travel Tips

Seven tips for family travel

Some people like to travel alone, some – with friends or family. We offer you seven tips in case you decide to go on a trip with your family.

  1. Before you go on a trip, you need to seriously think about all the moments of your trip, starting with where you go and who you take with you, and ending with how you will put your luggage. If you follow this rule, you will have the best pick in the airline seats, the best hotel rooms, etc.
  2. You have to decide where you want to go. To do this, you must determine what you want to do on the trip, namely, diving or surfing, or enjoy the sea and white sand. It all depends on the desires of your family.
  3. Once you have decided what your family needs, look for a place for your rest that has a little of something for everyone. There are many resorts that are suitable for both children and adults.
  4. Going on a trip, choose such a destination, which offers a variety of additional options for everyone in the group. As it happens very often, both children and adults get bored with spending time in the same place.
  5. You can spend less money on travel if your child is preschool. You can save upward of 50%. Also, you should remember that trips on holidays such as Christmas, Memorial Day to Labor Day, etc will be very expensive.
  6. You can get into such a situation that you have found several good options, but the cost of one option is more than another. There may be a reason. Talk to those people who have already been in these places. Try to determine exactly what you’re getting, especially with all-inclusive deals. May be, kids’ clubs are different from each other in these places or 1 resort’s food options vastly outweigh the others.
  7. At many resorts, children are only looked after during the day, and you should take care of your child yourself in the evening. But there are also resorts that offer child care and kids camp activities in the evening, giving parents an opportunity to spend more time alone.
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The best beaches in USA

Rest on the beach is always popular, no matter what country you go on a trip. Today let’s look at the ten best beaches in the United States.

  • Manele Bay, Hawaii

Hulopo’e Beach is one of the world’s most perfect stretches of sand. It lies at the base of the Four Seasons Lana’i at Manele Bay. The beach is covered with white sand, it is very calm and is perfect for tourists who are on holiday with children. While relaxing there you can watch spinner dolphins, colorful fish, you can also see the magnificent bay. This beach is also very popular with divers.

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This is the place where you can visit the various rides, restaurants, various entertainment. There is also a water amusement park for children.

Myrtle Beach is a vast stretch of silky white sand. This is a place for fishing, swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Also here you can enjoy the views of the magnificent sunsets.

  • Nantucket, Massachusetts

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  • Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May Beach is one of the best beaches in the country. White sand and blue water is a fabulously beautiful combination that attracts tourists from all countries. You can also enjoy cycling along the boardwalk. If you bring a binoculars to the beach you can also spy dolphins.

  • Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

In summer, crowds swarm Martha’s Vineyard in droves, but you can have a rest in the Vineyard’s far eastern reaches — at Moshup Beach. This is a place of soft, white sand and red, brown and tan striated cliffs.

  • East Hampton, New York

East Hampton is a nice New York destination all year round. At the end of Main Street, there is Main Beach that boasts perfect white beaches and very tasty lobster rolls.

  • Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina

The beach’s hallmark high, sandy dunes front frothy surf is perfect for swimming, beachcombing and body-surfing. You can also climb 248 steps to the top of the highest lighthouse in the country — towering on an amazing 196 feet – for a breathtaking view of the seashore.