Ten best beaches in Europe

It is difficult to imagine a summer vacation without the sea, sun and beaches. In Europe there are hundreds of beaches in dozens of different countries. We present to your attention the top 10 of them.

  1. Praia da Marinha, Algarve, Portugal

Praia da Marinha is one of the best beaches in the world. Here you can fully enjoy the excellent rocky landscapes, including arches, caves and ledges. You can also enjoy the beautiful beach with bright blue and turquoise water. The underwater world here is very diverse, you can see funny octopuses, various sea horses and beautiful bream.

In order to fully enjoy the view of the beach, it is better to arrive early in the morning, when there are not many people. You can go to Praia da Marinha not only in summer, but also in November, and even in December. You can also climb a cliff, have a family picnic there and enjoy the great view of the entire beach.

  1. Stefanou Beach, Crete, Greece

Stefanou Beach is another wonderful place that is definitely worth a visit. Stefanu Beach is located on the Greek island of Crete. There is no public transport here, and you will need a car or a boat to get to the pebble beach. Stefanou Beach is famous for its cleanliness and calm sea, a favorable atmosphere conducive to a quiet family holiday, and the opportunity to enjoy solitude.

  1. Balos Beach, Crete, Greece

Another noticeable beach in Europe is Balos Beach. You can enjoy your rest on this beach with blue and turquoise waters and white sand. This is the perfect place to relax with your family.

  1. Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

Oludeniz Beach is a special place on Earth. It is very clean and has beautiful clear waters. Swimming here is a pleasure. The area is well developed and caters to a large influx of tourists in the summer seasons. It is worth mentioning that this beach is suitable not only for young couples, but also for families and retirees, and for companies of best friends.

  1. Marina Grande Beach, Positano, Italy

Marina Grande Beach is one of the few sandy beaches in Italy. This place is ideal for those who like a quiet and relaxing holiday, as well as for those who prefer an active lifestyle. Here you can safely enjoy the sunshine and clear warm sea water. You can also find here a variety of art galleries, restaurants and many Italian cafes.

  1. Cape Greco, Cyprus

Cape Greco is considered one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. The cape is located in the south-eastern part of the island in the area of Ayia Napa.

This beach is amazing because you can swim in sea caves here, and some sea caves go 80 meters into the rock during low tide. If you are not afraid of heights, you can take part in cliff jumping and diving.

  1. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Iceland

Most of us are used to the fact that sand on beaches has a color ranging from yellow to white. But on the south coast of Iceland there is a beach of Reynisfjara with completely black sand. Sand owes its unusual color to a volcano standing nearby. Reinisfjar Black Sand Beach is one of the best beaches in Northern Europe. However, here you can not swim.

You can see famous basalt columns Reynisfjara here. Reynisfjell is a 340-meter mountain of surreal hexagonal basalt columns. This beach is very beautiful and incredibly unique, but you should be careful. You should stay away from the water and admire from afar, because many people suffered from the unusually strong waves.

  1. Oia, Santorini, Greece

Oia is considered one of the most beautiful beach towns in Greece. The small Greek town of Oia is the epitome of the best resort places. Incredibly picturesque sunsets, magnificent views of the open spaces of the sea, small houses of traditional white color, and clean sand.This is an ideal place to relax, as you can enjoy the magnificent warm blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. Oia is one of the best places to go on a honeymoon.

  1. Pakleni Islands, Hvar, Croatia

The Pakleni Islands offer small, secluded stone beaches, deserted coves, quiet lagoons, crystal clear water, and sun-drenched hills. In the summertime, there are a lot of yachts. If you want to have a calm rest, don’t come here in July or August because Pakleni Islands are also where the party is at in summer.

  1. Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is one of the most popular places to visit in Montenegro. The island is a 15th-century village complete with old stone buildings, pink sand beaches, and warm turquoise water.The island is privately owned and only resort guests are permitted access to Sveti Stefan. However, visitors can still relax on the beaches to the north or south or the island.



Top 20 Travel Startups

There are a lot of different startups all over the world. They appear very often and offer different services. Today we’ll look through the twenty best travel startups.

This startup has taken 7 years to crack the complicated technical problem of building a set of tools that can help ground transportation providers shift up a gear and run their businesses more efficiently. Bus-side mobile ticket scanning, accurate ridership reports, optimized pricing for demand, as well as mobile shopping and upselling.

  • Bidroom (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Booking Holdings and Expedia Group are squeezing independent hotels with commissions and costs that can total as much as 30%. Many owners are looking for alternatives. Bidroom offers one, charging hotels zero commissions after a one-time fee. Changes in contracts between the online travel firms and hotels allow each side to offer discounted rates via membership-based platforms.

Building a chatbot is not the same thing as building a business. Destygo, unlike other chatbot builders, is creating a conversational artificial intelligence platform specialized for the travel industry.

A lot of well-funded companies are wringing efficiencies out of the vacation rental sector with new tech and new business models. Evolve stands out by offering owners services a la carte. Its basic set comes with smaller commissions than some rivals charge.

This startup helps hotels preserve rate integrity. Fornova expands with an array of technologies that help hotels maintain the integrity of their rates. So far, Marriott, Accor, and other hotel groups use Fornova to monitor and benchmark online rates and automatically react to ensure they sell every room in the smartest way.

Managers of vacation rental properties want to market their properties on Airbnb and other platforms, and a lot of companies have popped up to sell software to help. However, almost none of these online tools are comprehensive in automating the tasks required after a traveler has clicked a “book now” button, such as handling any refund issues that might crop up. Futurestay strives to handle it all, leaving owners with less manual work.

A lot of hotel groups in India and emerging markets run server-based management systems at their properties and lack centralized control at the corporate level. The hoteliers also have little ability to transact with online travel agencies in real-time. Hotelogix combine all of this together with mobile-first, internet-based software for customers in many countries.

  • Ivvy (Varsity Lakes, Queensland, Australia)

The startup CEO Lauren Hall wants to take her booking engine for events to a global audience. Meeting planners and venue suppliers like hotels remain mired in systems that don’t talk to each other seamlessly. Other companies, like Social Tables, are also tackling overlapping parts of the problem. But Hall wants to create the first global distribution system for events.

Travel suppliers know that clients want seamless personalized experiences and relevant offers, but each brand only has a small set of data on any given traveler. Journera is trying to find a way to piece together the data and help firms make more relevant offers at each stage of a trip. offers a distinctive model of combining flights from non-partner airlines into single itineraries. Just imagine: flying first on Ryanair and then on easyJet on two one-way tickets to reach your final destination.

  • Lvji (Guangzhou, China)

Anybody who has traveled in China outside of its best-known cities knows that the amount of tourism information infrastructure is limited for Mandarin-speakers — let alone for international visitors. To fill the gap, Lvji has developed audio travel guides for mobile apps and electronic kiosks for destinations.

  • Mews (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Hotel innovation has been held back by the 300 or so property management systems. The majority property management systems are too complicated for new services to integrate with quickly and smoothly — either because they charge high connectivity fees or are clunky to use. Mews charges nothing for integrations, and it has built its property management system from scratch to work well with the APIs that enable digital innovation.

This is an online travel agency in the sense it takes payments and rebooks customers when anything goes wrong. But its search results look like a metasearch company’s, such as Kayak’s or Skyscanner’s. It has pioneered other innovations, too, such as letting consumers pay for their trips in quarterly installments and selling more fully flexible cancellation insurance than legacy players do.

Travelers shopping for car rentals, or ride-hailing apps get tired of trawling through long lists of choices. Mobacar taps machine learning to forecast the mode of transport and type of vehicle a traveler will want and aims to push only relevant offers first. It claims to be able to divine the mindset of any given traveler, such as how much he or she would be willing to pay and how much of a rush they may be in.

Major middlemen technology companies aggregate a huge share of the world’s airline tickets and distribute them to travel agencies. However, the giants leave gaps in coverage. A few upstart companies, such as India’s Mystifly, aim to plug those gaps with next-generation tech. PKFare is China’s star in this category. It is building a business-to-business marketplace where agencies, suppliers, and companies can access branded airline and hotel wholesale inventory.

RedDoorz is a network of budget branded lodging, with a lot of properties primarily in Indonesia but also in Singapore and the Philippines.

This company helps tourist sites, museums, and other attraction operators automate and digitize many of their administrative processes.

A lot ofof people go camping, but most still use old-school methods to plan their trips. The Dyrt has built campground search mobile apps that have aggregated many pictures, videos, and reviews of campsites.

This company helps to predict when a flight might experience a disruption many hours in advance. Then it helps airlines tempt flexible passengers with compensation in exchange for rebooking on other flights. Volantio tackles knotty operational, commercial, and technological problems. Its aim is to help airlines avoid drama at airport gates and boost overall airline revenue.

Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East and North Africa market have been underserved by Western and Chinese online travel multinationals. Yamsafer has successfully outmaneuvered other regional players to become one of the most-used companies for booking hotels and apartment rentals.

Travel Tips

The Top Five Vacation Home Rental Platforms in 2019

Renting a vacation home can be not an easy task. Picking the best vacation home rentals platforms can even be more difficult. Which platform to choose?

Here are the five best vacation home rental websites:


This is the best platform if you want a large selection of properties with lower guest paid fees. Travelers can spend the night in Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s former London flat or enjoy the quiet of a villa carved into the side of a mountain in Greece.


  • 2,000,000+ properties available across 190 countries
  • Bookings in 23 Languages
  • Lowest traveler fees


This is the best platform if you are booking last minute or seeking a unique property. In the collection of homes, there are over 2,200 treehouses and nearly 3,000 castles.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • 5,000,000+ properties and 191 countries with available properties
  • Easy last-minute bookings

This platform offers the best vacation rental homes integrated with complete trip planning resources.


  • 1,500,000 properties and 230 countries
  • Full vacation planning resources
  • No booking fees


This is the best platform if you want to combine the vast collection of travelers reviewing restaurants and attractions near your vacation rental. In case you want to escape to a private island, there is a home to satisfy your desires.


  • 465 million reviews of restaurants, events, attractions and more
  • 830,000+ properties spread throughout over 200 countries
  • Integration with Trip Advisor


This platform offers the best vacation home rentals for connecting with local communities. Connect with friends you haven’t met yet around the world. Your accommodations are free.


  • 400,000 couches spread across 193 countries
  • Completely free for both hosts and travelers
  • New friends from around the world
Travel Tips

Tips for those who want to move abroad

If you decide to change your place of residence, then a whole world opens up before you. Today, it is not so difficult to move abroad, find a job, or just arrange an unforgettable journey. This article presents some tips that will help you to move abroad.

For a start, you must decide whether you really want to go on a journey or move to live abroad. And do not pay attention to those people who did not manage to move abroad.

As practice shows, almost all people who want to move to another country are more or less worried that their life abroad will change drastically. This is a natural feeling that any person experiences when moving to another country. In fact, most people are afraid of the unknown.

If you still decide to move abroad, then you will certainly encounter the problem of how to find a job.

In order to make searching the work easier, there are several sites that will help you find a job without too much difficulty. Here are some of them.

Remember about

  • Visa requirements: you should check if you need to apply for a visa to travel to the country of your choice. Often your home country will have an organization and / or a website that can give you information about visa requirements for each country. If not, check the website for your embassy in the country you are traveling to or contact them directly.
  • Vaccinations: do not forget about it. To begin, you should consult with your doctor if you need any vaccinations. This should be done as early as possible, as some vaccinations must be given several weeks before the trip to the country.
  • Security: regarding this, your government usually gives advice about the potential problems of the country to which you would like to go. Stay informed if you should avoid certain areas, certain modes of transport, etc.

As much as possible, use your experience abroad

  • Lonely planet: in each country, there are many different travel guides, In it you can find a lot of information about your destination, tips on accommodation in accordance with each budget. One example of such a guide is Lonely Planet. On their website you can find a lot of information and a useful forum:
  • Couch Surfing: this is an amazing network of travelers all over the world. When you are traveling you can meet up with a local couch surfer for a drink or a night on his/her couch and when you are back home or settled in at your new destination you can help other travelers by showing them around or offering them your couch to sleep on. Remember that when you are staying with a couch surfer, he or she is giving you a free place to stay. Do something in return! Cook a meal, take him/her out for a drink, and so on.
  • Meetup: an international platform for expats that has people listed in all major cities all over the globe. They organize all sorts of events such as drinks, language exchange, dinners, etc. This is a nice option to meet people when you have just moved somewhere.

No matter how frightened you are, you must remember: there is always a way back. You can always come back. It’s just that you are no longer coming back, but a completely different person – a person who once went into the unknown.

Travel Tips

Simple ways to get access to blocked sites in different countries

When you travel to different countries, you can accept a message that the website you are trying to access is blocked due to your place. Sometimes you want to know some information about your personal things, especially when you are abroad or when you are bored and you want to watch a video but you cannot receive the information due to your location. This phenomenon is called geo blocking. This means that you hard – to – read the network or internet service due to your local position. The network can find out your place by IP address. What is an IP address? It is your personal information on a network that is appointed by the Internet Service Provider (ISP)and changes depending on your place. Places have IP address pools, which provides the IPS. In this case, networks and services will have at the same pool of IP addresses which are free from limitation. Any IP address outside of this pool will be limited.

This situation is not pleasant for a person who spend a lot of time abroad. In fact, there are several variants that help you find access to the information you need. Before you go travel make sure you know about these two ways.

There are two ways to us any website in any country. The first way. This is to use VPN.

VPN is a virtual private network. It trustworthy, code and secure useful information that your information. A VPN is a better and more trustworthy choice to receive past geo restrictions contains from other people. If you do not use VPN, your information appears on the network and from the network is not secure for other people, hackers and cyber-thieves. If you often use websites that order your personal information (for example, online banking and purchases), you can use VPN for additional defense. If you go to another country, the VPN takes you to the sites and services from which you were blocked. Your machine is appointed another VPN from another country. In this case, it’s as if you are in one country, although in reality you are somewhere else. It gives you the opportunity to view your favorite websites. With VPN you can unlock any social networks and other pages.

The next way is to use proxy sites.

This is one of the easiest ways to get around geographical limits on websites. A proxy can be compared to an intermediary who instead of really visiting the site, you use a proxy to hard-to-reach the site for you. Then you attach to the proxy site in order to get hard-to-reach to the information you need. The proxy site can defend your information from the websites you use. It secures your personal information and preserves anonymity. This variant permits you to hard-to-reach those YouTube videos that are coded due to your place. The most popular web proxy is However, the proxy site is restricted. If you are attempting to hard-to-reach more important sites, the proxy will not help you. They are also not the most trustworthy to use. If you are abroad, the best way to use VPN. Not only do you gain hard-to-reach to coded sites, but you will also be protected. When you are traveling, it is very important to protect your personal information, especially on the Internet.

How to use VPN

Today, there are many VPN servers, and not all VPN supplier work the same way. If you want to use a VPN, you should get reviews and proposals to com across the VPN you need. Most VPN providers assistance Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iPhone, Linux and Chrome OS platforms (if only indirectly). But assistance for Blackberry OS gadgets and Windows Mobile is less available. To subscribe to a VPN server, simply search for this website and follow the instructions. Note. If you need to use Netflix, VPN abroad can be a problem, because Netflix gives a mistake when connecting to most VPNs.