Travel Tips

What you need to take on a trip to Europe

If you are going to go on a trip to European countries, you should take with you everything you’ll need during the trip.

  1. Travel Water Bottle.

You should take a bottle of water with you. Don’t take a plastic bottle, because plastic pollution is one of the problems in Europe. It is worth noting that you can drink tap water without fear for your health. If you decide to take a bottle, then it must be aluminum because it copes well with the hot sun.

  1. Sunscreen

Going on a trip to Europe, take a sunscreen. Of course you can buy it on the beach, but its cost will be more expensive.

  1. Travel Towel

In hotels you are provided with a towel, but it is forbidden to take it with you to the beach. So, you need to take a towel with you, and it is better if this is a microfiber one. Such towels are light and don’t cling on to sand or dirt.

  1. Hiking Sandals

Most European beaches are hard to get to and require climbing on jagged rocks. Hiking sandals will help you to deal with this problem. They do not collect sand and allow your feet to breathe.

  1. Travel Insurance

Going to travel, don’t forget about your travel insurance. You are going to a foreign country and don’t know what can happen, so you should be prepared.


The 6 amazing places in Baja California, Mexico

Baja California is the twelfth largest state in Mexico. You will be able to see a magnificent view of mountain ranges, beaches, countryside, deserts and cities. Baja California extends from the southernmost point of California to the Pacific Ocean. You can also visit a variety of tequila bars parties. If you love a variety of water activities, then you will be provided with a variety of outdoor activities, ranging from sport fishing to diving and whale watching, since Baja California borders the Pacific Ocean and the Cortez Sea. Also, you can enjoy great wine and various culinary masterpieces. But this is not all, also if you want to spend more time outdoors, you can organize walking routes and even camping.

You can swim with the fishes

The Sea of Cortez is one of the most diverse seas in the world, it’s home to over 800 marine species. For instance, winter the perfect time to book a whale-watching trip to see the gray, blue, and even humpback whales, dolphins and the sea lions. For people who want to look at fish instead of catch them, there are many types of boat tours to choose from.

Travel with family

If you decide to go on a trip with your family, then you can go to The Hyatt Ziva, an all inclusive hotel. It is located on the Pacific side of the peninsula. There you can find a heated pool and a bar. Every day there are various activities for children such as football, basketball and ping pong. There are also five restaurants, snack bars, a teen club with games and a place for parties, and the Kidz Club with a small water park. The beach is very clean and spacious.

The best wine

When it comes to West Coast wine, Napa and Sonoma usually get the accolades. The Valle de Guadalupe offers a premium wine-tasting experience. More than 150 wineries now dot the region, which is green and lush.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is small town, which leaves an unforgettable impression. You can enjoy the natural beauty, cultural wealth and hospitality, as well as a beach holiday with a full range of services. There are many art galleries, local crafts and shops in the city center. You can also go surfing.

La Bufadora

Going on a journey, you must see the sea geyser La Bufadora. Legend has it that in long-forgotten times, one of the curious gray whale pups that swam across the bay separated from the flock. On his way he fell between the rocks and calling for help from his comrades, he alternately released large and small fountains of water. Over time, this whale turned into stone and merged with the rocks surrounding it. It is the world’s second largest geyser, located at the tip of the Punta Gang peninsula. It literally explodes with a thundering sound almost every minute. This is a terrific sight. Guided tours are available.

Get some clear air

You can also go to the Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Mártir mountain region for clean, clear air and Pichaco del Diablo, the highest peak in Baja at 10,154 feet. You can hike several marked trails, including the six-mile round-trip to El Altar.

Travel Tips

The 11 things you need when traveling by plane

A trip to another country requires preparation! If you have not traveled to distant countries before, you can even forget many important items. Examine the list below to avoid inconvenience.

  • Charge Up

Most planes have in-seat outlets nowadays, but if you’re on a short flight, your aircraft probably won’t have a plug.

  • Neck pillow

If you are going on a long journey, then you should bring a neck pillow. The pillow provides neck and body support so you can sleep in a relaxed position even in the cramped, uncomfortable seat of the plane.

  • Headphones

On the road, headphones will always be useful, they will be needed during a long flight. During trips you can immerse yourself in a movie or favorite music. Choose high-quality headphones that block the constant sounds. Even if your seatmate will snore you won’t hear it.

  • Bag with many pockets

You should organize your things that you need first. For this, you can take a bag in which there are many pockets. You can put things like a computer, first-aid kit, passport or something else there. In this case, everything that you want will be nearby.

  • Lip balm

It protects the skin of the lips from dehydration, that is, the loss of moisture. This problem is particularly relevant in places with a cold, dry climate. In addition to protecting, lip balm prevents against the painful cracks and chapping of lip skin.

  • Mask for eyes

Pure-silk mask will help you fall asleep and allow your eyes to rest. The light in the cabin will be dimmed at night, but total darkness will not be superfluous.

  • Earplugs

If you experience discomfort and pain in your ears during takeoff and landing because of air pressure changing, earplugs can be a real salvation for you. And besides, noisy neighbors will not disturb your sleep if you take earplugs with you.

  • Pencil box

If you go on a trip and need to have a pen or other similar tools, you should take a pencil box. In addition, you can put there an extra-long phone cord or a charging cable.

  • Compression socks

During long flights, you are at high risk of deep vein thrombosis due to a fixed position. This is a very dangerous condition in which a blood clot forms in a vein. Compression socks are an excellent means to support blood circulation in the legs.

  • Blanket

Do not be lazy to take a light blanket. It can be useful to you, since the temperature in the cabin can be different and you can be cold.

  • Organizer

You should also divide all things into several organizers. You can put laptop chargers, power cords, and social-media equipment in the largest pouch. A hand sanitizer, lotion can be put in the smaller one. In the smallest pouch put lip balm, sleep mask or something else.

Travel Tips

Four European capitals you should visit

If you want to go on a trip to Europe, you should pay attention to the four European capitals. They are worth a visit.

Budapest, Hungary

If you decide to go on a trip to Budapest, an unforgettable trip awaits you. This city will surprise and delight you with its culture, architecture, as well as excellent cuisine. You can feel the wonderful atmosphere and visit the hot springs.

The view of the city is determined by the Danube river. It divides the city into 2 parts: Pest is located on the eastern plain, and Buda descends along the western shore. The historical center of Buda is the Castle Hill with the royal palace. Pest is the commercial center of the city. In addition, there are many iconic sights and interesting places of the Hungarian capital: St Stephen’s Basilica, the Opera House, the Terror Museum and the second largest synagogue in the world.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as well as the most beautiful city by the water. Here you can enjoy the classic world-class music scene, excellent nightlife, and natural thermal baths. Budapest is an incredible city, which is impossible not to fall in love. A variety of landscapes, magnificent architecture, hospitable people and delicious food – you should visit the city once and you will definitely want to return.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels – a city that is famous in Europe for its architecture and museums. It is also famous for its famous chocolates and beer. Brussels will provide you with an amazingly delicious cuisine.

This city attracts immigrants from around the world, so it is also called an international city.

It is the largest city in the country with a predominantly French-speaking population, although historically the majority of residents in the city spoke Dutch. As a result, it is bilingual (Dutch and French). Also, if you are afraid to fly on an airplane, then you can get to this city by train.

But one thing is for sure, walking around the city, everyone will be able to discover for themselves that which is close to him in spirit. A few days will be enough to appreciate the beauty of the Belgian capital. Panoramas of the most beautiful palaces, parks, monuments, squares attract tourists from all over the world.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway, but it is one of the smallest European capitals. The population is 650 thousand people. It should be noted that this is the most expensive city, but there are also budget options for traveling. Within the city there are 40 islands and 343 lakes. There are many sights and historical buildings.

Oslo is a compact, comfortable and peaceful city, where modern landscapes are combined with the stunning natural beauty of the Oslo Fjord and wooded Oslomarka hills, which create an amazing combination of city life and easy access to different outdoor activities. Oslo is a great option for the visit for tourists who decide to explore Scandinavia. The land of the Vikings will gladly accept you, leaving you with warm memories.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom. This is a real center of history, culture and art. The weather in Edinburgh is very changeable. In one hour, the weather can change dramatically several times – from the soft sun to the cold rain with strong wind. However, the sun there is a rather rare phenomenon even in the warm season. The city also looks gloomy due to its architecture. The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The main attraction of Edinburgh, and maybe the whole of Scotland, is Edinburgh Castle.

With year-round festivals, a throbbing nightlife and an entertaining arts scene, Edinburgh is very interesting at any time of the year. It is a fabulous city that every time you want to return to.

Travel Tips

How to go on a trip with the whole family without spending a lot of money

Almost everyone is dreaming to live traveling and to visit every corner of the earth. And especially, everyone wants to go on a journey with their family. But what stops us? That’s right – the money. Not every family can afford to go on a trip once a year, not to mention 2 times or more. But in fact, there are several ways to travel with your family at minimal cost.

  • The first way is to open a savings account

First of all, a family who wants to go on a trip must open a savings account. Further, they should have an agreed amount of money, which is credited monthly to their savings account. The separation from the usual savings account or current account is of great importance. In this case, the family will always know that they can and cannot afford when they go to any country.

  • Ability to save

In addition, a dedicated savings account for a holiday does not mean anything if you do not have the means to pay into it. If you want to pay great attention to travel, you have to change your lifestyle in order to have money, and then, you could save that money with the savings on your special savings account. You can refuse what you need least of all. You know your budget better than anyone.

  • Earn bonuses and miles on credit cards for flights and hotels

If you travel a lot, one of your journeys each year is covered by miles earned from credit card sign-up bonuses.

There are also families who prefer credit cards with no annual fees, in order to avoid any additional costs.

  • Do not set a specific date

Do not schedule specific dates when you leave, be flexible. Instead of saying you’re going to Amsterdam in June, see what deals are available in June and book those instead, or look for the cheapest time to travel to Amsterdam if your family is set on a destination. If you travel this way, it will save you a lot of money. You should know that there are many different flight offers throughout the year, so if you have children of school age and you do not want them to miss school, you will have many options.

  • Look for hotels with free breakfast

If you use points for booking hotels, book those with a free breakfast. Hotels that provide free breakfast or snacks in the evenings will save you a lot of money. You can also choose a hotel with a kitchen that will allow you to prepare yourself various dishes on your own. In some places, meals can be very expensive, and the family will have to spend a lot of money on food.

  • Go on trips with family and friends

If you go on a trip, do this with friends and family. This will significantly reduce the cost of the trip. Renting a holiday home or Airbnb and splitting costs among several households can save a lot.