Five things to look for when booking a hotel room

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When you travel, staying at a good hotel really can make a big difference to your travel experience.

So before you book your next trip, check out these five things for a perfect hotel stay and a perfect hotel room.

  • Cleanliness

Travelers find a clean hotel and a clean hotel room the most important thing by far. Mold in the shower, urine stains on the toilet seat or a dead cockroach under the bed definitely ruins your stay at hotels! Nothing feels better than coming home to a beautiful, comfortable hotel room after a day out exploring.

  • Friendly hotel staff

More so than any facilities the hotel offers, travelers care about how friendly the staff is. The friendly hotel staff  makes us feel welcome and part of the group.

  • A comfortable bed

Nothing beats a large, comfortable bed that just makes you want to stay in your hotel room all day.

We’ve all stayed in places where the bed has been substandard and it’s amazing how a bad night’s sleep can make the next day a real struggle. And it’s not just the bed. The pillows and blankets can make a huge difference as well. There are even resorts with a “pillow menu”: a list of pillows to choose from to make sure you get to sleep on your perfect pillow…

  • A good location

Normally you book a hotel room because you want to (or have to) visit a certain place. Location being in the top 5 of things to look for when booking a hotel room therefore is obvious. But, don’t underestimate how difficult it can be to find out if a hotel’s location actually works for you. It can be so that hotels that you think are close to where you want to be will turn out to be either farther away than you think, or close to where you want to be but in an unsafe part of town… Read plenty of reviews from other travelers to prevent these mistakes. And, be careful when booking a hotel that has hardly any reviews (yet).

  • Good value for money

Of course, nobody likes to pay too much for their hotel room (or for anything really). So, good value for money is an important factor when rating a hotel.

Expensive hotels aren’t always better than budget hotels and a cheap hotel room isn’t always a bad hotel room. So check what others have to say about the hotel room you are about to book. They will most likely mention if it was worth the money or not.

Next time you are going through hotel reviews to decide which hotel to book, pay some extra attention to these five features!

And of course you should also check if your hotel offers free wi-fi, a complimentary breakfast, quiet rooms with a great view and maybe even a gorgeous swimming pool.