Simple ways to get access to blocked sites in different countries

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When you travel to different countries, you can accept a message that the website you are trying to access is blocked due to your place. Sometimes you want to know some information about your personal things, especially when you are abroad or when you are bored and you want to watch a video but you cannot receive the information due to your location. This phenomenon is called geo blocking. This means that you hard – to – read the network or internet service due to your local position. The network can find out your place by IP address. What is an IP address? It is your personal information on a network that is appointed by the Internet Service Provider (ISP)and changes depending on your place. Places have IP address pools, which provides the IPS. In this case, networks and services will have at the same pool of IP addresses which are free from limitation. Any IP address outside of this pool will be limited.

This situation is not pleasant for a person who spend a lot of time abroad. In fact, there are several variants that help you find access to the information you need. Before you go travel make sure you know about these two ways.

There are two ways to us any website in any country. The first way. This is to use VPN.

VPN is a virtual private network. It trustworthy, code and secure useful information that your information. A VPN is a better and more trustworthy choice to receive past geo restrictions contains from other people. If you do not use VPN, your information appears on the network and from the network is not secure for other people, hackers and cyber-thieves. If you often use websites that order your personal information (for example, online banking and purchases), you can use VPN for additional defense. If you go to another country, the VPN takes you to the sites and services from which you were blocked. Your machine is appointed another VPN from another country. In this case, it’s as if you are in one country, although in reality you are somewhere else. It gives you the opportunity to view your favorite websites. With VPN you can unlock any social networks and other pages.

The next way is to use proxy sites.

This is one of the easiest ways to get around geographical limits on websites. A proxy can be compared to an intermediary who instead of really visiting the site, you use a proxy to hard-to-reach the site for you. Then you attach to the proxy site in order to get hard-to-reach to the information you need. The proxy site can defend your information from the websites you use. It secures your personal information and preserves anonymity. This variant permits you to hard-to-reach those YouTube videos that are coded due to your place. The most popular web proxy is However, the proxy site is restricted. If you are attempting to hard-to-reach more important sites, the proxy will not help you. They are also not the most trustworthy to use. If you are abroad, the best way to use VPN. Not only do you gain hard-to-reach to coded sites, but you will also be protected. When you are traveling, it is very important to protect your personal information, especially on the Internet.

How to use VPN

Today, there are many VPN servers, and not all VPN supplier work the same way. If you want to use a VPN, you should get reviews and proposals to com across the VPN you need. Most VPN providers assistance Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iPhone, Linux and Chrome OS platforms (if only indirectly). But assistance for Blackberry OS gadgets and Windows Mobile is less available. To subscribe to a VPN server, simply search for this website and follow the instructions. Note. If you need to use Netflix, VPN abroad can be a problem, because Netflix gives a mistake when connecting to most VPNs.