When you go abroad, try one of these exercises

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It is very difficult to stay healthy and fit while traveling. You can visit the hotel’s gym or take a walk along the beach and so on. Despite the fact that you are traveling for business, you can squeeze in training and have fun and use your free time to connect to your destination in a more meaningful way. You can learn: what trainings local residents do? How can you learn about the culture and customs of a place while remaining active?

Capoeira in Brazil

Most people go to Brazil to gain mastery in capoeira. Capoeira is a combination of dance and martial arts. Where did it come from? Capoeira originated in the 16th century. Slaves who had fled from overwork, were defending themselves. Since there were not enough weapons, it was increasingly possible to use hand-to-hand combat. This was the reason for the emergence of a new art of protection – capoeira. Even when slavery was abolished, the study of capoeira continued, and it is still popular today. Capoeira means freedom, despite the fact that acrobatic movements look easy, but on the other hand it is difficult and very sporty.

Muay Thai in Thailand

In Thailand, the most common form of martial art is Thai boxing, or Muay Thai. It consists of running, strength training and boxing with a bag. Muay Thai is an intense workout, because everything from arms and legs to elbows, knees and legs can be used for attacks and defense maneuvers. Muay Thai is also called the “art of eight limbs”.

Flamenco in Spain

If you go to Spain, you will learn a lot about flamenco. Flamenco is one of the business cards of Spain, the majority of tourists entering the country for the first time tend to see this spectacle. Flamenco is a dance that has its own unique features and characteristics. These are the movements that you do with your hand when you dance. In this dance you have to express your emotions through intricate arm, hand and finger movements, passionate stomps and exaggerated whirls and turns.

Hula Dancing in Hawaii

Hula dancing is a famous dance on the Hawaiian Islands. Hula dancing is danced to beachy, traditional Polynesian music. Mystical properties have always been attributed to it. This dance helped to appeal to the deities, connect with the Earth, express feelings, long before the written language appeared. Hawaiian hula – love in motion. All the beauty of the world, nature and phenomena is reflected in the dance, as classes are held on the beach.

Yoga in India

Despite the origins of yoga are often debated, many suggest the spiritual discipline started over 5 000 years ago in India. Exercises help to increase physical endurance, regardless of age, to make a person stronger physically and spiritually, and you can think about yourself and your loved ones. Also, Yoga will help you get rid of stress and insomnia.

Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling is one of the most developed sports in the Netherlands. Cycling, along with running, is the most well-known method for the manifestation of human motor activity. According to the specification is considered completely aerobic exercise, strengthening the heart and lungs, leg muscles. When you go on a bicycle in the Nederland, you can twist the beauty of this place.

Salsa Dancing in Colombia

In Colombia, you can learn the Salsa dancing. This Latin American dance took its origin on the island of eternal happiness and fun – Cuba. Salsa is an artificially created dance that represents a mixture of many Latin American styles. There are several salsa festivals in Colombia, which you can visit and see the beauty of the dance.

Tai Chi in China

In Chinese culture, over the course of many centuries, many martial arts have developed, which today are known throughout the world. Not an exception was the martial art of Tai Chi, which is known more as Chinese gymnastics. It is based on exercises that are aimed at maintaining physical fitness and human health. Regular classes of Tai Chi will help you normalize the work of the nervous system; increase body tone and flexibility; strengthen connective tissue; increase the body’s resistance to various bacteria and viruses; improve the functioning of the brain and heart mice. Exercises help overcome stress and depression. In the early morning hours in local parks throughout Asia, you can see people practicing tai chi.