Do not be afraid to travel with small children

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A wonderful idea of blue sea waters, of endless summer days passes at the thought of having to fly a certain amount of time with a child in an airplane. In order that the flight to the destination does not become a nightmare, it must be properly organized. It is quite possible, therefore, it’s not worth while to reject a wonderful rest because of any experiences.

When the family goes on a trip with the child, you should take a goodie bag with you on board. It is worth noting that this is only with the participation of neighboring passengers, and not for the entire flight.

This idea is to hand out a “goodie bag” to your fellow passengers, including earplugs and candy. It also shows what you think about your neighbors in the plane. In this case, there is no need to apologize in advance for having a child with you on the flight – or somewhere else.

Parents should not apologize for traveling with children

The idea that parents must apologize for traveling with children is slowly becoming the norm in some parts of the world. The strange trend of parents insisting on passing out “inflight goodie bags” always seems to garner attention, but it’s a ridiculous practice that needs to stop. Or at the very least, it shouldn’t be something parents feel they need to do.

Parents want to travel with their children and small children will always share public space with others.

The main question is whether parents should apologize for flying with their children?

In this matter there will always be different opinions. This is a big problem, as every family wants to travel together. Airplanes are a common space for people. We need to treat each other with understanding. As for the aviation campaign, they are responsible for ensuring that every passenger has a comfortable flight experience. But this is where parenting, not apologies or candies, comes into play. Most decent parents will do whatever they can to make sure their young children are behaving and comfortable on the plane.


If you are traveling with a child, you must be 100% ready. You should bring along food, milk, snacks, entertainment, extra cozy clothes, etc. You should provide your child with as much comfort as possible on the flight.

The first trips for a child can be a serious challenge, but competent preparation of parents, forethought and care will make the rest comfortable and interesting for each family member, even for the youngest ones.

At a young age, children quickly become accustomed to everything new and easily adapt. Do not deny yourself a rest in faraway countries just because of the presence of a small child. He can be your companion on any vacation.


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