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An American should know 10 things before traveling to Europe

If you are planning your first trip to Europe, you are probably browsing a lot of travel sites and are trying to get insider information about where to stay, what to see, and how the budget so you can maximize your experience.

Before you travel around Europe, first of all you are looking for various tourist sites to find any information, from where you could stop and how much is the cost of this trip.

This can be helped by your relative or your friend, who has lived for a long time in one of the European countries where you want to go on a trip. But Americans notice huge and serious differences in European countries when compared to “back home.”

If you decide to visit Europe as an American, then you should know the top 10 things to enjoy your trip.

  • In Europe, most cars are manual

If you feel confident driving and you want to feel the maximum freedom of movement, rent a car. This travel option will allow you not to depend on the schedule and have maximum freedom in planning the route.

It should be noted that most cars have a manual transmission. If you are used to driving with automatic rental, then you should find this way to travel.

  • In Europe, euro is the most preferred currency

If you decide to go to Europe, it is better, immediately take with you euro or pounds. Since a dollar in European countries has a lower cost than in America.

  • Each country has its own voltage requirements.

If you decide to buy voltage converter in Europe: for your laptop, mobile phone, or the charger, since you need it, you should mean that in Europe there are 2 types of converters. Some of them solely make it to where you can plug in the device, and some of them can change the voltage. In this case, you should buy a converter that does both.

It is worth remembering that in each country there are individual voltage requirements. To do this, you need to know what is required by each country and to purchase a converter that is as multifunctional as possible. But remember, as long as you are within ten volts, your devices will be safe.

  • For people with limited possibilities, the elevator and other means of transport are not always available

If you need a room for a person with disabilities, it will not always be easy to find. Since there are many hotels in which there is no elevator. In addition, there is a large amount of public transport that is not adapted to wheelchair.

  • Travel by train

Inside a particular country in Europe, it is convenient to travel by train. As a rule, the distance between cities is not very large. A trip to Europe by train is the most interesting adventure that will allow you to feel local, to observe people, to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country. At first glance, the ticket is very expensive. But, as a rule, the airport is located on the outskirts of the city, and to get to it, you need to pay several times more than for a train ticket.

  • In Europe, it is better to have cash

This is very important if you decide to go to one of the cities of Europe. Of course, you will have a card, but not always you will be able to pay for the purchase with its help, especially if you want to buy some souvenir on a city street.

Money is better to exchange before you go on a journey, as there are many expensive exchange points in Europe.

  • Global Entry

If you are going to Europe, then you need to know about Global Entry. If you have it, then you automatically also have a TSA pre-check. How quickly you get an appointment, depends on where you live. Global Entry now offers interviews for US residents upon arrival from an international flight as long as you’ve completed the initial application.

  • You shouldn’t pay too much tip

If you would like to drink coffee, then you should pay tip. In Europe, the average amount of tip is lower than in the US. You should pay about 10% of the order value.

  • Use a House Sharing Service

In this case you can get more space and a better place for a fraction of the price. But you will not have some amenities, such as a gym or safe. In fact, gyms present only in the most expensive hotels. And in ordinary gyms they are absent.

  • Try to speak the local language

Try to speak the local language, no matter how many phrases you know. It is appreciated and you can even get the best deal.

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