Why You Shouldn’t Travel In Your Early 20’s

Millennials. Who are they? These people received technologies that allowed them to create a world without borders, a world without any restrictions and prohibitions. They always achieve their goals. They are living at the moment. Instead of buying a home, or getting a high-paying job, they prefer to travel a lot. Millennials like to travel not only due to the fact that it is one of the ways to relax and unwind. The fact is that for the people of this generation travel is a kind of self-realization. When they get into unusual conditions, they learn something new and gain useful experience.

In fact, instead of benefiting and getting some experience from travel, millennials prefer traveling with the other aim:  to distract from more pressing, although less funny necessities of life, such as learning a trade, acquire key life skills.

This generation is not going the right way. Since the most important thing in life is not travel, but family. And first of all they should build their family, and be confident in their work.

Yes, the millennials know how to save money, but as a result, they spend their annual income for trips, fitness, entertainment, a restaurant, rather than retirement or planning for the future.

Millennials are preferring a no-strings-attached, nomadic lifestyle, which can impede networking abilities and the curation of future job prospects. This also prevents them from creating a family.

Invest in yourself and your future, plant your roots and enjoy more substantial adventures once you’ve laid the groundwork. This process doesn’t take as long as you think!

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