What to visit in Japan?

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Japan is an amazing country. If you decide to go on a trip there, get ready to be surprised. You will get unforgettable impressions and tremendous emotions from the trip. The first days in Japan are a little difficult, as it takes several days to get used to the place, language, food, etc. But after you adapt, it will be the most memorable journey in your life.

When should you visit Japan?

The best season of the year is of course the same spring (from March to May) and autumn (from September to November). At this time you can see how the cherry blooms. People from all over the world rush to come to spring Japan – this is the season of flowering of cherry blossoms (Japanese cherry). Billions of small flowers turn the gardens and streets of cities into something pink and airy. This is an amazing phenomenon of nature and really an impressive sight.

As for the summer, it is not the best time of the year to go to Japan because the summer is very hot and humid. In addition, there are many typhoons and changeable weather conditions in this season.

How to travel in Japan?

You can get around by bus, by car, cable car, subway, trains, as well as by ultra-fast bullet trains. If you do not know Japanese, this does not mean that you cannot get anywhere without a guide. Because of the Olympics in Tokyo2020, all signs are translated into English, so you will not be difficult to move around Japan.

If you are going to visit many places and cities in Japan, then you should buy a Japanese Rail Pass (JR Pass) in advance. This gives you access to most of the trains on the JR network throughout Japan, and it is much cheaper than buying individual tickets.

Where to live in Japan?

In Japan, there are two main types of accommodation – Western style hotels and ryokans.

Western-style hotels aren’t any different in Japan, but some of them will expect you to take your shoes off and wear slippers in the room as is Japanese custom.

Ryokans are essentially Japanese homestays/hotels. A ryokan is more than just a place to sleep, it is an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the ancient Japanese lifestyle, including national cuisine, interior design and household items. In ryokan, the stay includes two meals – dinner and breakfast.

Here you can try various and very tasty food, such as sashimi, hot-stone wagyu beef, and a lot of other delicacies too.

What to visit in Japan?

In this country, you can visit many wonderful and very interesting places. One of these places is Wakayama, where there is Kumano Kodo, the most holiest pilgrimage to Japan and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you decide to visit the Izu Peninsula and the Noto Peninsula, you can enjoy the stunning waterfalls, beautiful forests and beaches.

One of the most popular cities in Japan is Tokyo. Here you experience the culture of the country. Go to a restaurant or cafe, and order sushi and ramen. These are popular dishes in Japan.

Another amazing place in Japan is the Robot Restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants in Tokyo. There you will be able to feel the whole atmosphere of a computer game with giant robots roaming everywhere. Going there, you should book a ticket in advance, as this is a very popular place.

One of the most prominent places in Japan is the Izu Peninsula. Izu Peninsula is an hour south of Tokyo. There are charming provincial landscapes and cozy beaches here. Mt Omuro, a volcano in the heart of the Izu Peninsula, is really worth visiting.

In Izu, you should also visit Shuzenji, a town town with natural onsen (hot springs). Here you can see the extraordinary temple, which is nestled in the trees.

When visiting the Noto Peninsula, you can learn the ancient Japanese art of calligraphy. Calligraphy gives a great insight into Japanese culture.

While you are in the Noto Peninsula, put your attention to Battleship Rock. This rock looks like a huge battleship that’s just off the coast.

There’s also a nice beach here and a cafe too if you need a place to relax for several hours.


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