10 places to visit in Vienna

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Vienna is the capital city of Austria and it is full of architectural marvels and hidden gems to be explored. Here is the list of famous places that you should visit in Vienna this year.

  1. The Hofburg

The Hofburg is one of the most significant and impressive historical sites in Vienna. Earlier it was seat of the rulers of the Habsburg dynasty. Currently – the official residence of the President of Austria.

The palace is full of interesting cafes, great restaurants and very beautiful parks. You can also visit the famous Spanish riding school there.

  1. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is an iconic landmark in Vienna. The place fascinates with its Gothic architecture and interior decoration. And if you climb the tower, you can relish magnificent views of the city. The cathedral has the second largest bell. Here you can see magnificent pictures of the saints. There are also many music events in the evening time at the place.

  1. Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens

If you want to get a complete picture of Vienna, you need to see the Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens. This place was the summer residence to the Habsburg emperors. The palace consists of 1441 rooms. Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens is an architectural and cultural icon, and it is one of the best places to visit in Vienna.

4.The Vienna Zoo

Vienna is famous not only for its architecture and museums, but also for the world’s oldest zoo. Vienna Zoo is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The zoo was founded in 1752. Here you can see and get acquainted with various animals, such as cute pandas, serious orangutans and funny elephants. More than 700 species of animals live here. This is a great place to visit with your child.

  1. Vienna City Hall

The Vienna City Hall is one of Vienna’s most visited attractions. It was built by the famous architect Friedrich von Schmidt. The city hall is built in the Gothic style. Today this place is the municipal administration of Vienna. Visiting the City Hall, you will be stunned by the beautiful state rooms, and the places where concerts and balls are organized.

  1. Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace is the famous baroque landmark of Vienna, consisting of a magnificent architectural and park ensemble with numerous sculptures, fountains and two palaces: Unteres – the Lower Belvedere, and Oberes – the Upper Belvedere. Initially, the palaces were built for Prince Eugene. This place has the greatest art collection in Austria.

  1. St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church is one of Vienna’s oldest churches and the most beautiful of all baroque churches. Currently, the church  is graced by the beauty of Baroque architecture which was designed by Gabriel Montani in 1702.

  1. Karlskirche

Karlskirche is the church which is one of the finest Baroque churches and one of the best places to visit in Vienna. The church has a lift which take you to the top so that you can have the best view of Vienna.

  1. National Theater

National Theater, popularly known as the Burgtheater, Burg, or Haus am Ring, is the largest theatre in Europe. Almost 13 000 people visit the theatre every year, and this place is really worth visiting.

  1. The Vienna State Opera House

The Vienna State Opera House is the largest opera house in Austria, the center of musical culture. In addition, it is considered the best opera house in the world. If you visit the Vienna State Opera House, you will not regret about it.



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