3 Best Restaurants Near Hermitage

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Mauritius impresses with its natural diversity. The country combines mountains and green forests, volcanoes and steep cliffs, plains and plateaus, a huge number of waterfalls and lakes, coral reefs and golden sands of beaches, as well as numerous reserves.

The Hermitage is a small island in Mauritius and a great place to explore. Near Hermitage you can visit some great restaurants for savouring delicious dishes.

  1. La Cambuse

La Сambuse is one of the best restaurants located on Hermitage island. Here you can try delicious sea-food. Here you can really relax and have fun. The staff in this restaurant is friendly.

  1. Le Marlin Bleu

Le Marlin Bleu is also located near the Hermitage. You can visit this restaurant with your family or friends. Here you can taste delicious local dishes.

  1. Tandoori Express

If you prefer Indian cuisine, then you should visit Tandoori Express. This is another best restaurant on the Hermitage island. The restaurant is famous for such magnificent dishes as cheese and garlic naan, Goa style fish curry, dry mutton curry and butter chicken.


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