10 best hostels in Bali

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Bali is a gorgeous destination to holiday with your buddies. If you are planning a Bali trip with your friends and you are looking for a temporary and a budget-friendly place to stay, then pay your attention to these hostels in Bali that offer a hotel-like stay and homelike comfort.

  1. SR Hostel Uluwatu

The best hostel in Bali is SR Hostel Uluwatu. It offers free internet, so this hostel is very popular among tourists. Here you can find a great restaurant with excellent cuisine.

  1. C8 Bed and Breakfast

C8 Bed and Breakfast is a nice place to stay. It has a common kitchen, clean surroundings, a great location, and wonderful street shopping and street food options.

  1. Capsule Hostel Seminyak

This hostel is located in Seminyak. This is a great place to go to a party, find friends and have a rest on the beach. You will find this place really energizing.

  1. M Boutique Hostel

M Boutique Hostel is located in the Seminyak area. Here you will be provided with different services and many of them are free. The hostel is located in the city center, where you will find many shops, restaurants and various entertainments.

  1. Echoland Bed and Breakfast

This hostel is located in the tourist hot spot named Canggu. A stay at this place will let you experience the beautiful blend of luxury and rejuvenation. The hostel is really great.

  1. Pudak Sari Unizou Hostel

This is one of the best hostels in Bali. Located in Kuta, the hostel offers free wifi, common spaces, swimming pools, and so on. This place is perfect if you are looking for a cozy stay.

  1. The Farm Hostel

The hostel is located in Canggu. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the rice fields and the flowing streams. The hostel’s rooms are very beautiful and comfortable, they are built in the kitchenette style.

  1. Indraprastha Homestay

This place is located in Bali in the Ubud area. The rooms in the hostel are very comfortable and have private balconies. You can go to the balcony and admire the magnificent view of the rice fields and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you want to know the city better, then you can rent a bike or a car.

  1. Friendly House

This place located in the Ubud area is a great accommodation option for the art lovers with all the best museums situated nearby. The rooms in the hostel are very comfortable, the staff is friendly.

  1. GOGO Backpackers House

The hostel is located in the Ubud area. Here you can book the cultural tours, rent a car or a bicycle. This is a wonderful place to relax.


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