Average price for a cappuccino in city’s expat district 2019 – Deutsche Bank Research

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Deutsche Bank is the largest financial conglomerate in Germany in terms of number of employees and total assets.

Deutsche Bank Research is responsible for macro and microanalysis within Deutsche Bank Group and acts as consultant for the bank, its clients and stakeholders.

Recently, the department conducted a research on prices of cappuccino in expat area of different cities.

Below you can see a list of average prices for cappuccino in expat area of 11 cities, according to the research:

  1. Copenhagen $6.30 USD
  2. Dubai $6
  3. Hong Kong $5.70
  4. Oslo $5.50
  5. Paris $5.50
  6. Singapore $5.40
  7. Shanghai $5.30
  8. Boston $5.20
  9. Zurich $5.10
  10. NYC $5 suddenly doesn’t seem so bad
  11. Chicago $4.90

As we see, the most expensive cappuccino is in expat area of Copenhagen – $6.30 USD. The cheapest cappuccino we can find in expat area of Chicago – $4.90.


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