5 Tips to Avoid Theft While Traveling

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Traveling is one of the most freeing and memorable experiences anyone can do. However, when you visit big cities such as Athens, Rome, or other cities across the globe, you may be pickpocketed. Traveling on buses or subways are the most common places that this type of crime takes place. If you are staying in a hostel, you are also at risk of theft. Today we offer to your attention five tips on how to avoid theft while traveling.

1.) Research Your Destination

Before arriving at your chosen travel destination, do your research, find out about the area, and check what the crime rates are. Check to see if pickpocketing is a problem or if robbery is an issue.

In addition, check for any travel warnings. Go on to the local government’s travel website to see if that are any currently travel warnings before you leave.

2.) Be Prepared for Theft

Buy theft insurance. This is always a helpful purchase when you travel. Insurance will cover you against any unexpected emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. If you find that the crime and theft rate for your destination is high, theft insurance is a way for you.

When traveling in highly populated areas such as cities and tourist spots, always be on high alert. Wear your travel backpack on the front instead of your back. Secure all zippers with a lock to prevent theft.

3.) Secure Your Luggage

Secure your luggage with a padlock, cable lock, or combination lock to prevent anything being stolen from your luggage.

Use an anti-theft backpack. An anti-theft backpack is a significant investment if you are already considering traveling with a backpack. These anti-theft backpacks have locks and zipper clips to make it difficult for pickpockets to access the inside and make off with your items.

4.) Keep Personal Items and Important Documents Safe

A lot of hotels have a safe in your room that you can use for free or for a small charge.

When it comes to carrying important documents with you, make a copy. You can take the copies away with you when you travel and give the original to a friend or family member to look after.

Make a backup copy of the original. It will then be easier for you to obtain a new one if the original is lost or stolen.

Never keep all your money together in one place. If any of it is stolen, you’ll have another stash of cash to tide you over for the rest of your trip.

5.) Prepare to Avoid Pickpockets

Wear a money belt or running belt to keep your cash and personal items safe. Money belts are small and sleek. They sit next to your torso so they can be worn under clothes. No one will even know that you are wearing one.

You can also use a dummy wallet. Buy a second cheap wallet and fill it with paper coupons and membership and loyalty cards. If someone swipes your wallet, they will be in for a surprise. Instead of making off with all your cash and credit cards, they will be stuck with coupons and loyalty cards. Your real wallet will be safely inside your money belt.


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