How to stay healthy while traveling long term

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It is much easier to get into health routines when your life is stable. When your life involves a lot of travel, internet cafes, and hotel stays, things get more complicated .

Today we offer to your attention some things you can do to keep your body in good shape while you are traveling. 

  • Plan for success

Reschedule your workouts so the travel day is your rest day. Try to work in a walk once you arrive.

Look up fitness centers near your destination. Many smaller, privately owned fitness centers offer day passes or short term memberships. Planning your workouts ahead of time will help you stay on track while you travel.

  • Check your diet

While you travel, it can be really tempting to indulge, especially if you are trying new foods or dining out a lot. 

Cooking some meals on your own can really help. Look for healthy options and watch your portion sizes.

  • Relax

Unfortunately, stress doesn’t go away when we travel. Sometimes even the most experienced travelers get frustrated adapting to new environments. Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and can definitely affect our overall health.

Some example relaxation techniques include diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness or mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, etc. On Youtube you will find plenty of free guided relaxation videos.

Another way to relax is to get outside! There are some great studies on the positive effects of being in nature. During challenging travel situations, relaxation can mean something as simple as a mental shift from focusing on the problem to focusing on the solution. Learn to have an open mind about the cultural differences you encounter.


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