How to sail around the world?

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Many of us would like to travel around the world. And today we bring to your attention some tips that will help you do it, exactly – how to sail around the world.

  1. Get paid to sail around the world

Review various crew-training courses and find a link between your skillset and crew jobs. Qualifications include: Deckhands, Steward/ess, Engineering, Interior Training, Chef all the way through to becoming a qualified Captain. While working, you will see the world.

  1. Volunteer to crew on smaller sailboats

Get in touch with sailors that are currently making their way around the world and offer to volunteer your time.

Sailors take volunteers with pleasure, who can also help with kitchen or woodworking, plumbing, and so on.

  1. Date a single boat owner

Very often boat owner boy or girl meets non-boat-owner girl or boy. They fall in love and the boat owner says, ‘lets sail around the world’. To increase your chances of success, hang out in marinas and yacht clubs.

  1. Set up a boat share

Find some friends and pool your money together to get a boat. After that, work on a plan to sail it around the world.

There’s several syndicate boat owners making their way around the world doing one to two passages a year. The owners work year round but take vacations to sail the boat to the next destination.

  1. Buy your own boat

If you do not want to depend on anyone, you can buy your own boat to sail around the world. Many boaters sell their house, buy a boat and turn to a nomadic sea life. The main issue is to find a source of income while sailing around the world. Renting out property, working online and finding work-from-home jobs are ways that many people make it work. Some people buy a boat and sail it six months out of the year and return home to work for six months.


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