Moving Abroad is a Valuable Experience. Why?

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Starting over is about opening your eyes again. New experiences are the reason we live. While we enjoy comfort, we crave experience. And today we’ll talk about why moving abroad is a valuable experience.

  1. It takes you out of your comfort zone

Your new life begins from the moment you arrived at a place where you had never been before. Culture is completely different from yours. Everything here is new to you. From the streets you walk on to the food they eat here. But, unlike the tourists you’ll probably see around you, you are charged with errands and chores now and unlike the locals you have no idea how to accomplish anything on your to-do list. You’ll have to figure it all out, over time. And although at times it will feel overwhelming and you will feel hopelessly lost, after a few weeks you’ll look back and be amazed at how much you have achieved, how much of a life you have already created for yourself. 

  1. Moving abroad teaches you to question the status quo

Every culture has it’s clear distinctions on what is acceptable and what’s not. However, to the outsider coming in, who brings with him a set of different, but still clearly marked, cultural “dos and don’ts”, it can cause quite the clash of viewpoints. From getting used to eating with your hands in India to trying to understand and respect why many men in the Maldives want their wives and daughters to wear a headscarf… Living surrounded by so many different cultures and making friends in all those countries will broaden your horizon and make you question your beliefs.

  1. Anything seems possible

Starting over shows how strong you are and how you can overcome pretty much anything. You are free now. Free to start over again, free to stay or free to go home with an amazing story to tell.

  1. Moving abroad will change you

You will have a new lifestyle, you will meet with a new culture. And most importantly, you will build life for yourself. Of course, your life will have both ups and downs, but do not despair. You will see how you change, become stronger and learn a lot about yourself.


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