Tips on finding a vacation home rental that suits your needs

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With the introduction of social sharing platforms, individual property owners have a unique opportunity to welcome travelers into their personal homes. Today we offer to your attention some tips for finding a vacation home rental that suits your needs even better than a hotel.

1.) Follow the golden rule

The golden rule is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Treating your future host with respect is very important.

When you are booking a vacation home, though, it is not a huge corporation you are up against; rather it is an individual homeowner who has feelings. Being kind and respectful will start you off on a positive foot with your host.

2.) Look at the final cost

Remember that every vacation home rental website handles cleaning fees, taxes and service charges differently.

To find an accurate final cost, you will need to enter your dates of travel.  After that, move as far in the booking process as you can before the website begins to ask for personal information. If you are being asked for personal information, you can usually conclude the final cost is being presented.

3.) Read the rules

It is very important to read the property rules before booking.

Expect properties to have rules on maximum guests, noise after a certain time, no smoking indoors or similar logical rules. Start becoming wary if rules have gone off the deep end limiting cooking to non-aromatic foods, dictating the hours in which you may shower or asking you not to tell anyone you are a short-term renter.

4.) Don’t lie

Just as you expect honesty from your host, by the same token, your host should be able to receive that from you. Hosts typically ask why you are booking their home. Be honest. 

The sharing economy is built on trust. Hosts are not there to control your every move during your visit. But if you lie you can miss out on some epic suggestions the host has to make your visit even better.

5.) Pick your perfect location

It is your responsibility to make sure the home is located ideally for your trip.

For example, if you’re attending a sporting event downtown, don’t select a property in the suburbs and then fault the host for not being close to the ballpark. With properties in over 65,000 cities, there is without a doubt a property perfectly located for your next vacation.


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