3 best restaurants in Michigan City

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Michigan City is a city in LaPorte County, Indiana, United States. The city is noted for both its proximity to Indiana Dunes National Park and for bordering Lake Michigan. Due to this, Michigan City receives a fair amount of tourism during the summer months, especially by residents of Chicago and of nearby cities in Northern Indiana. 

Today we’ll talk about 3 best restaurants of this city.

Jamaican restaurant in Indiana: Cool Runnings

All the mains come with rice and beans, plus another side of your choice – think green beans, mac ’n cheese and other soul food. If you’re taking it easy, order a Red Stripe beer to take down the heat. Or if you’re not working the next day, try the Wray & Ting – an insanely strong cocktail made with overproof Jamaican rum.

Dune Billies

Just along the railway line from Cool Runnings is beach café Dune Billies – a perfect spot for brunch before you hit the lake. Eggs Benedict, corned beef hash, biscuits and gravy – all the American classics as well as some healthier options for those who like it.

Station 801

This is a railroad-themed diner where you can taste eggs any which way, stacks of pancakes, hash browns, grits and bottomless mugs of weak American coffee.

If you ever decide to go to Michigan, don’t forget to visit any of these restaurants, or even all of them.


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