5 Destinations to Have an Eco-friendly Vacation

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If you like to travel and want to have a rest in an eco-friendly place, then we present to your attention 5 destinations for having such a rest.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

This is the home of the world’s greenest school. Founded in 2006 by former jewelry maker John Hardy, Green School was built with sustainable natural materials and is powered by over 100 solar panels. Located in the Sibang Kajha area north of the Badung Regency, each classroom has its own rice paddy, which children are tasked with maintaining as they learn how to live sustainably.

  1. Santa Barbara, California

There are steep canyons and cliffs along the Cuyama River in the northeastern corner of Santa Barbara County. The area is one of the most dynamic producers of oil and gas in the country. Its green claim to fame are healthy crops like pistachios, wine grapes, and lettuce.

  1. Berlin, Germany

In the Kreuzberg neighborhood of former West Berlin, the nonprofit Nomadisch Grün (Nomadic Green) has built a vibrant garden on brownfield leased from the city. The aim of Prinzessinnengarten, which is entirely mobile, is to encourage others to start a garden of their own. The 25-person nonprofit makes money by selling food and soil.

  1. Denver, Colorado

Mayor Michael Hancock is a proponent of battling climate change, which many residents are behind. Not only did he vow to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement, but last year he unveiled a three-year project to jumpstart entrepreneurship in Denver.

  1. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is serious about tackling waste and it recently approved a controversial modular housing project to help the homeless.

Mayor Gregor Robertson said that walking, biking, and public transportation trump cars when it comes to transit.


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