What to visit in India

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India is a beautiful country in South Asia. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west; China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east.

If you are going to take a trip to India, here are top places you should visit there.

Taj Mahal

The word most associated with this majestic building is romance. Build out of love, this world-famous landmark remains unchanged throughout the years. Whether you visit it in the morning or the sunset you will be left stunned by the way it glows.


Gold, gemstones, and luxury are what dominates this place which makes it perfect for taking stunning vacation photos. You won’t have to go far to find great restaurants with authentic Indian specialties.


Mumbai is the liveliest place in the list. The colors resemble the rainbow but 3 times more intense and the spirit of this huge city gave birth to one of the best movies in Bollywood. Fashion plays an important role here as well, so it is a nice place for shopaholics.

Goa beaches

Goa is a popular state located in West India which is famous for its mesmerizing beaches. The deep blue sea, soft sand, swaying palms and coconut trees, delicious seafood, water sports and night-life of the Goa beaches make it a popular and most loved tourist destination.


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