How to avoid baggage fees

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Baggage fees are most of the time unexpected and they are never welcomed. So, today we offer to your attention some tips and tricks for avoiding such fees, because most airlines charge for checked luggage.

Enroll in an Airline Credit Card

One great airline credit card perk is they waive baggage fees if you book your flight with that card. In addition, if you book your companion’s travel, the airline will usually waive that luggage fee as well. But look into that before booking, since all credit cards have different restrictions in the fine print.

Get a Lightweight Suitcase

If you’re allowed 50 pounds weight in a checked bag and the bag is already 10 pounds, you will only have 40 pounds left. That’s 20% of your luggage allotment already gone. So try to buy a lightweight suitcase.

Multi-Use Items

Why not bring a dress that turns into a beach cover up, that turns into a nightgown? It can be done. There are also many reversible shorts, pants and shirts on the market for travelers. Get creative!

Take Time to Pack

Don’t pack at the last minute because you won’t have time to plan your outfits. Give yourself time to pack. Make a packing list you can use every time you travel. Or open your suitcase a week before your flight date and begin throwing things in when you think of them.

Ship It

If you have a few heavy bags, shipping your luggage pre-travel may be a good option for saving money on extra baggage fees. This decision may take a little more effort but it may be the most economical choice when traveling with a lot of gear or a large family.


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