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How to avoid baggage fees

Baggage fees are most of the time unexpected and they are never welcomed. So, today we offer to your attention some tips and tricks for avoiding such fees, because most airlines charge for checked luggage. Enroll in an Airline Credit Card One great airline credit card perk is they waive baggage fees if you book

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How to Avoid Travel Scams?

Even experienced travelers can become victims of crooks that prey on tourists. Perpetrators use a number of ploys for their purposes. Today we offer to your attention steps you can take to avoid common travel scams and swindles. Fake booking websites Fake travel reservation websites are common culprits. In fact, a whopping 15 million online

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Tips on finding a vacation home rental that suits your needs

With the introduction of social sharing platforms, individual property owners have a unique opportunity to welcome travelers into their personal homes. Today we offer to your attention some tips for finding a vacation home rental that suits your needs even better than a hotel. 1.) Follow the golden rule The golden rule is, “Do unto

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How to To Return From Vacation Feeling Refreshed

There are usually two types of trips — ones that are purely for relaxation, and those that are constructed with every moment in the day planned out to fully experience and explore. Regardless of what your plans were – to lounge on a beach in Jamaica, or visit every castle in the U.K. – you’ll

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How to stay healthy while traveling long term

It is much easier to get into health routines when your life is stable. When your life involves a lot of travel, internet cafes, and hotel stays, things get more complicated . Today we offer to your attention some things you can do to keep your body in good shape while you are traveling.  Plan

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