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5 apps if you are a food-loving traveler

Finding great food on the road is a strategic endeavor. With the help of these 5 apps you’re more likely to have memorable meals. LocalEats LocalEats is a very convenient application. If you decide to go on a trip to any country, then using this application, you can find out where the locals eat. In

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3 Best Restaurants Near Hermitage

Mauritius impresses with its natural diversity. The country combines mountains and green forests, volcanoes and steep cliffs, plains and plateaus, a huge number of waterfalls and lakes, coral reefs and golden sands of beaches, as well as numerous reserves. The Hermitage is a small island in Mauritius and a great place to explore. Near Hermitage

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Seven places to eat in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dinner in a restaurant is not just a matter of food and satiety. This can be a real adventure. Some restaurants offer exquisite food, incredible views and amazing atmosphere. Therefore, we suggest you go to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, in order not only to have a beautiful view, but also an excellent

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