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How to live in a hostel: travel tips

Staying in a hostel is a great way to save money on travel. For those who are not familiar with the life of the hostel, the idea of deviating from the norm of a traditional hotel room may seem rather complicated, but this is not something to be afraid of. In addition, most of the

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5 Tips to Make Travel Planning Easier

Every journey is an adventure. Self-travel is a double adventure. But adventures, as we know, are different. We gladly tell about some to our friends and show off on social networks. On the other side, we prefer not to tell anyone about our journey. In order for your trip to be perfect, you should plan

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The 11 things you need when traveling by plane

A trip to another country requires preparation! If you have not traveled to distant countries before, you can even forget many important items. Examine the list below to avoid inconvenience. Charge Up Most planes have in-seat outlets nowadays, but if you’re on a short flight, your aircraft probably won’t have a plug. Neck pillow If

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Do not be afraid to travel with small children

A wonderful idea of blue sea waters, of endless summer days passes at the thought of having to fly a certain amount of time with a child in an airplane. In order that the flight to the destination does not become a nightmare, it must be properly organized. It is quite possible, therefore, it’s not

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Reasons to consider flying first class or business class

Flying first class has its advantages, but are these privileges worth the money? In some cases they are, especially if you appreciate a more comfortable, pleasant way of traveling. And now that most airlines have started charging additional fees for anything from luggage to a bottle of water, not being presented with these charges feels

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