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3 best restaurants in Michigan City

Michigan City is a city in LaPorte County, Indiana, United States. The city is noted for both its proximity to Indiana Dunes National Park and for bordering Lake Michigan. Due to this, Michigan City receives a fair amount of tourism during the summer months, especially by residents of Chicago and of nearby cities in Northern Indiana. 

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7 lesser-known American foods you should try

The story of America is best told in food. Today we offer to your attention seven lesser-known culinary traditions from across the country that tell tales of entrepreneurs and enterprising immigrants. St. Paul Sandwich: St. Louis, Missouri The St. Paul sandwich is indigenous to St. Louis, where, in the 1970s, cooks at Chinese restaurants essentially

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5 apps if you are a food-loving traveler

Finding great food on the road is a strategic endeavor. With the help of these 5 apps you’re more likely to have memorable meals. LocalEats LocalEats is a very convenient application. If you decide to go on a trip to any country, then using this application, you can find out where the locals eat. In

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Seven places to eat in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dinner in a restaurant is not just a matter of food and satiety. This can be a real adventure. Some restaurants offer exquisite food, incredible views and amazing atmosphere. Therefore, we suggest you go to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, in order not only to have a beautiful view, but also an excellent

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Seven reasons why you should visit San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States. There are several historical buildings in San Juan; among the most notable are the city’s former defensive forts, Fort San Felipe del Morro and Fort San Cristóbal, and La Fortaleza, the oldest executive mansion. Today we present to your attention

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